Helping our children grow through competition and teamwork.

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EYA Softball programs offer a variety of programs for youths to learn and play softball while understanding how to interact with others and be part of a team.

Intramural Softball programs offer organized softball to registered youths between the age of 5 - 18 and do not require a tryout. All programs have a player participation rule.

Travel/Competetive Softball programs offer more competitive play to youths between the ages of 8 - 15. Tryouts are required for all traveling teams. Away games are played outside Emmaus' Borough limits.

Intramural Softball

Intramural Softball Mission: The purpose of our Intramural Softball programs are to provide an educational and athletic opportunity for youths, in a structured, minimally competitive environment to:

  • Develop fundamental softball skills and knowledge.
  • Provide a safe and controlled learning environment which will allow for the physical and emotional differences inherited between children.
  • Allow for learning proper conduct and sportsmanship.

Pixie League & Pixie Jr.  
Ages 5, 6 Pixie Jr   7 and 8 Pixie - Cannot be 9 before Jan. 1
Played from Mid April to June. 
The Players are divided into several teams after registration closes.
The game – The game consists of 4 innings w/ a 90 minute time limit on weeknights and 6 innings with a two hour time limit on weekends. Sides change when there are 3 outs or six runs scored. Coaches pitch to the players, or a batting tee is used.


Pony League
Ages 8 and 10 – Cannot be 11 before January 1
Played from May – June
The players are divided into several teams after registration closes.
The game – The game consists of a maximum ­­6 innings w/ a two hour time limit. Players and coaches will pitch to the batters.

Ages 11, 12 and 13 – Cannot be 14 by January 1
Played from Mid April – Mid July – Members of East Penn Girls Softball League
The players are selected to fill team rosters at random by age group prior to the season.
The game is seven innings and is conducted to the rules of ASA except that; 1) all players are assigned to apposition in the batting order and will bat in that order for the entire game, 2) all players must play a minimum of two innings per game on defense.
Pitching; the pitcher may pitch only 4 innings per game. Special rules are established to help reduce the number of walks per inning.

Please direct questions and comments to the EYA Softball Commissioner, by sending an email to