Helping our children grow through competition and teamwork.

Sponsored By:   Rotary Club
Emmaus, PA
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Travel Baseball Program

Traveling Baseball Mission: To provide an environment, for the more skillful and serious player, to improve their skills and knowledge of baseball through more competitive play.

For more information regarding Travel Baseball please e-mail the coordinator John Zgura at


Biddy *: Ages 9,10 - Cannot be 11 before May. 1
Midget *: Ages 11,12 - Cannot be 13 before May. 1

Knee - High: Ages 13,14 - Cannot be 15 before May. 1

Jr. Legion: Ages 13, 14, 15 - Cannot be 16 before May. 1

Connie Mack **: Ages 15, 16 - Cannot be 17 before May. 1

Sr. Legion: Ages 16, 17, 18 - Cannot be 19 before Jan. 1

* Double Rostering rule: A traveling team player not playing more than 4 innings a week may be placed on an intramural team that has not met the team roster limit of players set by that league. All placements of players are made by the league's commissioner.

** Partnering with Upper Milford Youth Association.