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Spring 2016 Baseball & Softball Field Requests
  Coaches: Now that everyone has their passwords...
Heavy rain/ field closure
  Coaches: Due to flooding rains this week, ...
Wet Field Conditions
  Coaches: The rain has cancelled many practices...
Field Request Guidelines
   To request a field, click here - em=""; ...
Spring 2016 Baseball & Softball Field Requests


Now that everyone has their passwords and you have started to contact your players,  I am starting to get field requests

Please understand some teams are still being formed and fields are open but might be held as baseball is receiving equipment this week


Also the borough will be working on fields in the near future, some fields are rough as they have not been used since the fall.  Do not contact the borough asking for them to fix the fields.  If you have an issue send me an e-mail

I would like to provide some details and information on the requests to make it work everyone

Fact:  This year we have

3 T-ball teams........CWV
3 coach Pitch Teams....  Lions
3 A league baseball...   Boro line,cintas
2 AA league baseball.....Cintas. 4th street back, Fire Co
2 AAA league baseball...  Cintas, Fire Co#2
2 Travel biddy and Midget teams Kiwanis,
1 Knee High  Community Field
1 Legion Teams   Community Field

1  Connie Mack team  Community Field
Total 18 baseball teams

3 Pixie Teams  Community Park Small, 4th street front
3 Pony Teams........Community Park Small,  4th Street complex, boro possibly after baseball 
2 "A" softball teams   Boro Line, Cintas, 4th street complex

1 U10  south 4t Street front or Williams
1 U12  any 60ft base field
1 U14   any 60ft base field
1 tournament team
Total  12 softball teams

A grand total of 30 teams playing and vying for field practices, scrimmages, games, etc!!

Now we currently have a total of 11 fields in Emmaus to practice , as you can see scheduling is very tight, I have put suggested field locations above,  note, if another suitable field is available and has the proper bases it can also be used. 

We also need to keep in mind the base lengths on the fields, as well as restrictions such as Fire Co and Community Park Large.  Please view the field requests document

Please also understand that Kiwanis and Williams Street generally are used for the travel programs, although if not in use, intramural may request,  examples on the weekends there are many time slots available

I also need everyone to understand that I will only book 2 weeks in advance to be fair and after ALL TEAMS have an opportunity for 1 weekday practice and 1 weekend practice for all intramural programs,  more time will be given after teams have an opportunity for a field.   Weekend time especially on Sundays are open at many fields,  please use it to gain that added practice you want

As the practices are scheduled,  you will receive a notice from the website

Please only e-mail any request to my cell phone or personal e-mail WILL NOT BE PLACED ON THE SCHEDULE...

SPECIAL NOTE....All coaches are required to maintain the fields they use,  this is including but not limited to lining the field, dragging the field, setting the bases, etc.  I recommend speaking with your parents for assistance.

Last note,  I am a volunteer and try to get all requests done nightly, however if I do not get it completed within 24 hours, please show some understanding,  if you think it was missed, I will not complain if a second e-mail as follow up arrives.

Thank you,  I look forward to a great season of baseball and softball

Roy Anders

Heavy rain/ field closure

Due to flooding rains this week,  when the Borough of Emmaus closes the fields,  the fields are CLOSED, no if, ands, or buts, until you see they are reopened by the borough

This morning I recieved a complaiant from the borough about coaches being on the closed wet fields.  Please remember they give us the courtesy of allowing EYA to use the fields.

If there is a problem on the field that needs to be repaired,  you need to contact the field assignor or myself.  Do not contact any borough employees about issues or field maintainence.  All need to go through proper chain of command.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Kathy Mintzer
President EYA

Wet Field Conditions
by Emmaus Youth Association posted 5/15/2012

The rain has cancelled many practices and games recently and with more on the way,  I have received the e-mail below from the borough

I ask that you please consider the playing conditions before using a field for a practice or game.  We have had a few instances where fields were used and left in un playable conditions, creating issues for the borough to try to fix.  

 Please remind the coaches that we try to inform everyone when we think the fields are too wet to play. However each field should always be assessed as to the condition before playing. Even if we do not notify of a closure sometimes field usage is not the best choice. Wet conditions result in field damage. We all suffer from making the wrong call.

Thank you all for your support

Roy Anders
Field Request Guidelines

To request a field, click here -


  1. .

Field Assigning Procedures

Revised 2013


Please note - The Borough controls field closings. To get on the distribution list for field closures - email Paula Weiant at  
During the week, an email will be sent to EYA and we will mark the fields as closed and you and your team will be sent an email that the fields are closed and your
game is canceled. Please use your best judgment on the weekends, if it's raining please do not use the fields.

1.  Field assignor may be reached by:

A.  By email; - Click on the Hey Coach (this page) menu option on the web site, which has these instructions and a link to the field assignor email address.  TEXT OR E-MAILS TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

2.  Practice requests should contain the following information to ensure accuracy:

Coaches Name

Phone Number

League (eg. Boys A, AA, Jr. Girls, Pixies)

Team Name

Date(s) requested

Field(s) requested

3.To find Available Fields:

A. From the Master Schedule Menu option on the main page of the web site, you will be shown a list, by week, of the fields and available times. You can also, from this view, click on a particular field to see the entire field availability. To do this, click on the icon to the left of the field name. You can request any time slot that you see AVAILABLE in the Team column. If there is no time slot listed then the field is not available that day or you will see a team listed in a particular time slot.

B. Another view to find available field time is on the main page of the web site, under the Field Status you will see a Calendar. Just click on a day and you will be shown the same view as mentioned above – a list of all fields, by week. From there you can also click on a particular field to see the entire schedule.

4. Requests are handled in the order they are received, first come, first serve basis.

5. Confirmation of the field request will be the automatic email that comes from the web site once the request has been processed. All team members will also be sent an email.

6. All practices are scheduled into a 5:00-7:00pm, 7:00-9:00pm time slot for the Legion field, Williams, and Kiwanis. All other fields will have a 6:00pm-8:00pm time slot. Start times are flexible during the week.

7.Practices may and will be scheduled on any field that is suitable (baselines, drops, etc.) for your team/league. No practice team has a home field for practice except for Jr. & Sr. Legion. If you are unsure of the base drops, see the Directions menu option on the web site which states the base drops as well as which Divisions are able to use the field, along with directions to the field.

8.  Games will not be moved to accommodate a practice. Games take priority over practice. Practices may be moved or canceled to reschedule a game.

9. Rain outs: if your game was rained out and you need to reschedule, follow procedure above to see what fields are available and email your request.

10 The field assignor may not schedule practices on Fire Co. #2’s field. Fire Co. #2 needs to be contacted regarding use of their fields by the assignor. After the field is scheduled by Fire Co. #2, you must contact the EYA field assignor so that it can be posted on the website.

11. Coaches must notify the field assignor if they are not going to use the field they were assigned. This is important as we have many teams sharing the same fields and someone else can use the field if you are not.

12 Only the head coach of the team may request field time. If the head coach is unavailable to do so, it is their responsibility to inform the assignor who their alternate will be. This request should be emailed to .

13. If a game has to be rescheduled, every attempt will be made to place your game on the same field.

14. Teams wanting to use the Legion field for games must schedule their games early in the season, as not to interfere with the Jr. & Sr. Legion season.







Microsoft Excel file Purchase Order Documents-  This document must be approved by the league coordinator BEFORE any purchase can be made. If the coordinator does not approve and a purchase is made, it will not be paid